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PRoblems with ZIP, LZX, LHA and who knows what else :P

I got fed up. I keep getting CRC errors out of my compressed files whenever I extract them. I know the files are fine, on the PC they extract well, and after I transfer them I check them for errors and they work fine. Besides, it's erratic, not always happens, and sometimes the files giving CRC errors differ. Sometimes I have to extract whatever it e xtracts, mark down which files gave CRC errors and then extract those files only, and it uses to work fine.

I also noticed that it used to happen only when running my full workbench instead of a "no startup" boot. But now it happens in both modes. I thought it was one of my patches (mcp probably :P) but now I'm stumped.

Any clues? My setup:

A1200 (board rev unknown), Microbotics XA1230 030@50 accelerator (no FPU) with one 32MB SIMM, 1GB superslim drive connected to the normal A1200 interface through an adapter. KS3.0
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