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Re: Amiga Settings

Originally posted by Djay
Amiga 500
  1. CPU -> 68000
  2. Chipset -> OCS
  3. 512k ChipMem and (most had, as an upgrade) 512k FastMem
Originally posted by Djay
Amiga 1200
  1. CPU -> 68020
  2. Chipset -> AGA
  3. 2 mb ChipMem
This is for your info only

I have attached 2 configs that I use for each computer, they run at a resonable speed on my 366 celeron

Remember to change the location of kickstart roms

I'm not sure, but aren't BttR's config's still for 0.8.14 not the latest release's??

The config's I have attached are for the .17r1 release

Removed attachment

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