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Originally posted by Akira
Well here's thw drill. As far as I know Tape images for MSX do not exist, no emulator supports them.
This is definitely NOT true ....
---------------------------- SNIP ------------------------------
PowerMSX is a MSX emulator for DOS. It emulates a MSX1 with 64Kb of RAM and emulates tapes as tape images and disk as disk images. Screen 3 is very slow and without sprites. The emulator currently is at a very early stage of development but already runs a lot of games. Even some Europian games that were not expected to work run, like Venom, Profanation, Army Moves, Hundra, etc... It features good emulated PSG sound also.
--------------------------- /SNIP -------------------------------

see ?? ... emulates tape images .... cause I know of a lot MSX games that come on tapes .....

EDIT : Foun another kewl thingy :

There you can build cables to connect two MSX together OR to connect a PC to a MSX

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