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Thumbs down Chuck rocks gets burned down

Hmm, the Amiga-bashing in Games TM keeps going on and on. After slagging off Zool ("Bad western attempt to imitate Japanese gamesdesigners") and James Pond ("Bad character, amateurish drawings"), issue 15 burns down Chuck Rock. Here are some quotes:
"For every decent game character design, there were many duff ones; duffs like Chuck Rock", "Then there was the laughable Chuck Rock band which played the theme tune on the title screen and looked a little like a bunch of rejected character designs for The Flintstones" concluding with "A mediocre, repetitive, unfair and unappealing piece of software with ver few redeeming features" ...

Which Amiga game will be slagged-off next? Stardust - for being a poor Asteroids clone? Super Methane Bros for a Bubble Bobble wannabee? Superfrog for being too green to look like a hedgehog?
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