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Re: amiga bbs scene

Originally posted by rick
I know this is an amiga forum, but i confess i have windows xp to use the internet and to use modern hardware, it makes life simple, but i must confess i have an old love the Amiga, problem is trying to find old files to download onto the pc to transfer to the amiga. Anyway the upshot is i`m going to run a bbs in uk to support amiga, i have ami express and daydream bbs now thanks to my amiga friends out there, what i`m looking for if anyone can help is the old amiga program crossdos can anyone help, i`ve tried auctions and ebay but alas no luck. Can anyone help?
Crossdos ships on Workbench 2.1+, so if you can find a copy of WB 2.1 or greater on ebay, then it will have a copy of Crossdos with it. (On the WB disks).

Have you seen Back to the roots website ? has alot of stuff on there.

If you have access to a KS 3.0 or KS 3.1 then.....

If I was in the UK, I would go for this.
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