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My trusty ol' Amiga 500

I got my first Amiga 500 back in August 1991. Pity it had a faulty drive -it ruined all discs. Commodore promised to repair it, so after 2 months(!) I got that damn repaired machine back. I booted up 2 games, and the whole discdrive screwed up again. Back in the shops I demanded a sparkling new Amiga 500 and I got one.
My 'second' Amiga 500 has never disappointed me. Even after all those years. I expanded it to 1 Mb, bought a 1084S monitor for it, a second discdrive and a Technosound Turbo soundsampler. Never thought you could have so much fun for so little money.

In 1995, when I switched to pc, I put the Amiga on the attic. Two months ago I got nostalgic and installed the Amiga again and the whole thing still worked! I thought the Amiga would disappoint me Anno Domini 2001 but the graphics are so smooth & fast, sound is great and booting a game is a matter of seconds.

I have discovered that the biggest advantage of the Amiga is that games are not dependable from processorspeed, amount of memory or a graphics card. It really is plug'n'play -an area where a pc still fails nowadays.
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