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Originally posted by khephren
The Amiga is a nostalgia trip, just like the Speccy and 64.
That might be the case for you. Since I still use my Amiga frequently is not a matter opf "nostalgia", but using a computer that serves me well for tasks I cannot do anywhere else, and where emulation will just not cut it.

Spiff, I mentioned above all my reasonings regarding expanded Amigas and the like. As I said a towered "actual" Amiga is not much of an AMiga to me either. And the thing that made an A1200 as much an Amiga as an A500, I believe, was the almost 100% hardware-level backwards compatibility. It's still almost teh very same hardware in there! It's not like the A1200 replaced the 680x0 line with something else.
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