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Originally posted by andyr
And I also agree that emulation isn't perfect but surely you agree that it's pretty good at the moment and that it's not going to be too long before emulation is 100% compatible.
100% compatibility before too long??!! They're only now approaching 100% compatibility on C64 emulators and they've been developed since the late 1980s. The C64 is a single machine, whereas the Amiga is a series of machines, each of which are far more complex than the C64. The internal workings of the C64 are quite well-documented, whereas C= were far less transparent about the Amiga (especially the AGA machines) and never actually released developer docs for a few critical aspects of the machines. The MMU is probably something that will never be 100% emulated, and can be quite a sticking point if you're an Amiga developer. Makes it somewhat difficult to develop on an emulator (just ask the WHDLoad guys), unlike the real thing. I could go on, but I think you get my drift........
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