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Oh noes!
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If it's diferent hardware, it is NOT an Amiga.
Even the amigas used different hardware, its like saying a500 with a one meg + kick 2.0 expansion isn’t an amiga 500 but an a500+. And let’s not forget that all the deluxe models, “tabletop” computers with separate keyboards like all the other pcs.. heck you could prol fit a pc motherboard in hem.
A500 emulation is so close that the only thing off is the floppy sounds. Once again, floppy sounds are different for each amiga model.

And then we have upgraded internet browser amigas and the rest of the accelerated.. that’s more Mac then amiga.. esp once you start sticking voodoo cards and all that in them.. And when it comes to acceleration winuae is already faster on todays Pcs then the the aMacas out there. I do like the faster experience.. why the upgrades otherwise?

I have no real need for my a500 as my emulated a500 surpasses it in all areas. I can swap games easily, I don’t need another scart in, I can change the hardware to what I feel like and I can still use the software I used before.

Now saying that emulation will never win because I don’t d stack a a500 shell (Swedish version, with the green leds, old psu, not using rfmodulator) under the telly just to get that nostalgic look or spread lots of discs over the floor… well that point no one can argue.¨

You have a point about AGA emulation, but given time that wont be a problem/point either.
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