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For me it´s all about the OS .... wait ... you may say "Hell, where´s the difference between AmigaOS on WinUAE/Amithlon/whatever and AmigaOS on a "real" Amiga ???"

Well, here´s the point

On a real Amiga, you would do this, if any Programm refuses to run/work correctly : Tweak the OS so that it fits your needs and can run the Programm, like Softkickers, Degraders, Librarys, Devices, etc. .....

On an emulated Amiga you would not do this, you would for sure just quit the emu, take other settings and run the prog .... so mainly you will use a complete other Amiga

Here´s where the original Amiga Feeling ends

I won´t blame any WinUAE Users for this, there are really good reasons to use it, but IT ISN`T THE SAME
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