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yabab yabba,...

About excuses... If thiswasn't an excuse why do people always mention it whenever they are told why not to use an Amiga? That's an excuse to me. if you come and tell me "I don't want to", well.. that's different, maybe worse ;D

I know yor reasons might be valid andyr, I kidn of took your comment because I have heard it many times. I've seen people with shitloads of systems set up even if this meant having little space for something else, and while I wouldn't do that, I think it shows how different people think about it.

Again, it's not elitism. Why do you think it is? I'm mainly "against" those who say the emulated thing is equal or better than the real thing, something which I think is absolutely wrong unless, as I said, you are not a picky mofo like myself. For me to have the Amiga feeling, it must come in that lovely vanilla keyboard case. Even a towered A1200 doesn't feel right (to me).

So what defines it? It's very hard methinks. A towered A1200 IS an Amiga in all senses, but having it in a foreign case puts me off.
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