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I don't intend to start any kind of war - as my previous post says, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. I have no reason to try and change anyone's perception of emulation - I much prefer people have their own views.

Even if they are wrong! (THAT WAS A JOKE BTW!!!)

Regarding the 'excuse' - I didn't mean it to come across as an excuse - it's quite simply fact because I have to share a room. If anyone even breathes near my Amiga's then I have to kill them - it's as simple as that! The rule is I'm not all that bothered who uses my other stuff but they keep their hands off my Amigas. If I had my own place I would still probably emulate because I can emulate hardware I could never afford and now, would probably never find.

And I also agree that emulation isn't perfect but surely you agree that it's pretty good at the moment and that it's not going to be too long before emulation is 100% compatible.

Yes, I know the feeling that a Classic Amiga is greater than the sum of it's parts but what is it that creates that feeling? Is it the hardware and/or the software? Well, for me, there is nothing out there that comes close to Workbench and it's configurability especially considering it's age (is configurability actually a word?!) - my workbench set-up is a testament to that - 1024x768 with thousands of colours yet still instantly responsive and all using a program that was released in 1993 - 11 years ago (although my workbench says (C)1985-1999 which takes into account the 3.5 upddate (which didn't really bring all that much to the table))

I'm waffling on again.

I'm happy using emulation and so are many others. Emulation could, I suppose, be looked upon as a way to carry on the Classic Amiga name and perhaps even it's spirit for generations to come. I've used an emulated German Enigma machine online (it's not a computer but the conservation ideal's are similar) - this is a machine I would hardly have the chance to see and would have zero chance of using but emulation opened up the possibility of using and seeing how one worked.

Don't close your mind to different idea's and opinions or different ways of doing things or you may find yourself losing out in the long run.
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