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hello Andy

Originally posted by andyr
but if a system feels like, looks like, sounds like, smells like and acts like an Amiga then for all intents and and purposes that machine, while it's emulating an Amiga, is an Amiga.
Here's reason enough not to emulate. It doesn't look like an Amiga and it doesn't smell like an Amiga while it kind of acts like an Amiga (emulation is not perfect, may I remind you). As I said my perception doesn't allow me to enjoy an emulated experience more than the real thing. It's like going to a live concert or listening to the recording of that very same live concert in a CD.
What if an all singing, all dancing new Amiga was released tomorrow with brand new hardware and it used an emulator for backwards compatability (in a similar way to how the Playstation 2 runs Playstation 1 games under emulation). Older Amiga software would then be running on different hardware so would your definition of Amiga emulation change then?
No, it would not change at all. As a matter of fact the A1 runs classic Amiga software only by emulation. And IMO this is still the same as emulating on a PC to the extent that I think an A1 is, IMO, not an Amiga, even if it will natively run AmigaOS 4
I was one of the people who stuck with Amiga for a long time before buying PC - I wasn't into the (stupid) argument of PC Vs Amiga but quite simply I liked (and still like) my Amiga and it was doing everything I wanted it to.
I hear you. Me too. I ended up with a PC by accident, I wanted to update my amiga or buy a Mac. My uncle gave me a PC instead.

On a personal note, to have multiple systems set up is unfeasable at the moment and so the logical answer is to have my PC set-up and dual booting Win XP, Linux and emulating Amiga, Mac and almost every console under the sun. I also emulate Amiga on my xBox which is great because I can just chill in front of the TV playing some of my favourite games.
This is one of the excuses I dislike the most. I mean, how much space does an Amiga keyboard take? How can a place be So cluttered as to not allow an Amiga to lie below a tlevision set or somehing? I'm not talking about people with zillions of systems like Unknown_K or myself, I'm talking about people just wanting to use a single computer besides the PC, only an Amiga, which is much smaller than any PC box.

I'm not trying to convert you but I think what I say is kind of logical. Perhaps i'm way too picky
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