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That one n only reason why i use UAE is that it is nearly inpossible to run old strictly 68000 stuff on my 1200 / 060 / 64MB.
90% of the stuff is crashing. I`m so sad about the fact that an 1200 mashine is not able to run this old stuff. There are definitly no 100% downgrading tool for a powerfull AMIGA. Progs like NoAGA, KillAGA or Degradder are only usefull for single file stuff sometimes. U can often run cracktros, intros or single file demos with em. So i have to use UAE and that makes me sick sometimes.
But i am still using my AMIGA for all the latest scene releases. Sure there is not very much to mention. --- But better than noving.

And of course for all my WHDLoad activity, i will only use my real lovely 1200 baby.

Maybe someone could write a serious downgrading tool someday ??? ---
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