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Originally posted by Akira
If it's diferent hardware, it is NOT an Amiga.

And it's not about elitism, it's about how to experience things the right way. If you find it to be the same, your perception might be a bit off.

jmm, a heated debate. I think that if you have the system, there's no need fopr Winuaes, winfellows or whatever.
What does it matter what the hardware configuration is if the system is behaving like an Amiga and doing what an Amiga does, the way an Amiga does it. Pedantically, you are correct in saying it's not an technically an Amiga but if a system feels like, looks like, sounds like, smells like and acts like an Amiga then for all intents and and purposes that machine, while it's emulating an Amiga, is an Amiga.

What if an all singing, all dancing new Amiga was released tomorrow with brand new hardware and it used an emulator for backwards compatability (in a similar way to how the Playstation 2 runs Playstation 1 games under emulation). Older Amiga software would then be running on different hardware so would your definition of Amiga emulation change then?

I own an A500 and a souped up (not towered though) A1200. I was one of the people who stuck with Amiga for a long time before buying PC - I wasn't into the (stupid) argument of PC Vs Amiga but quite simply I liked (and still like) my Amiga and it was doing everything I wanted it to.

This was how it was until 1999, when I first played Half Life on PC. That one single program instantly made me realise just how much damage the various companies that had owned Amiga had done and just how much ground the Amiga had to make up.

Now, don't get me wrong. I obviously love the way an Amiga works or wouldn't have gone to so many lengths to have such a decent emulation set-up. I scour Aminet looking for software and tweaks + trawl the internet for the same. I have true Amiga discs around me as I type this and went out and bought Workbench 3.5. I actually like to relax by programming little useless programs on Blitz or Amos. It's a challenge to get those programs to do anything decent or useful but they were my first foray into the world of programming and they taught me a lot.

Getting back to emulation, when I first downloaded an emulator it struck me how unstable it was and how it wouldn't run even half of the stuff I tried. This situation has changed over time and now we have an emulator that is extremely stable and extremely compatible with software and as such, for me it's extremely convenient.

On a personal note, to have multiple systems set up is unfeasable at the moment and so the logical answer is to have my PC set-up and dual booting Win XP, Linux and emulating Amiga, Mac and almost every console under the sun. I also emulate Amiga on my xBox which is great because I can just chill in front of the TV playing some of my favourite games.

I suppose though, as you pointed out Akira, it is down to perception and if you feel that emulation doesn't do the Amiga justice or doesn't feel right to you then that's fair enough. I have no wish (nor energy at the moment!!!) to convert you.

I do think though that there are quite a few out there who would question your reasoning especially as Amiga emulation as we know it today is fast becoming 100% compatible with all Amiga software.

In the end though, emulation works for me and for a great many people and it doesn't for others.

It isn't worth losing any sleep over!
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