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ClassicWB Future Projects

I’ll be away from EAB for a while as I decided a while back to go travelling for several months, pulling on a few favours from a few friends. Life’s too short to spend working all the time simply for material gain. Spend a little, live a little me thinks.

I'm thinking of this as the Amiga Preachers sabbatical!

So Rck, don’t delete my account!

As a last post until my triumphant return, I thought I’d leave my mark in true pretentious style by giving a preview of what else is to come from the ClassicWB project. I know many of the veterans have little use for it, but it’s my way of keeping the Amiga alive and I’m sure newcomers find it useful - so please put up with my blabbering!

Apart from updating the current packs the following additions will be available:
  • P96 version in HDF format - huge speed increase in emulation because the host computers CPU is freed from processing many of the custom chips. Includes ppaint instead of dpaint V and other optimisations designed for higher res screen modes (see below). It’s no AIAB in terms of eye candy, looking in many respects traditional. Good points are (apart from picasso96) very few system hacks and good stability/compatibility running Workbench 3, Scalos and a topaz replacement patch only. This makes it an ideal, quick, small and easy base install before users customize it to their taste. Of course, it’s also perfect for people unfamiliar with the Amiga because it has all of the most essential software pre-installed.

    Also included for the observant amongst you - a slightly edited version of Bursegs fine wallpaper! Goes great with the icons!
  • WHDload HOL icon pack. Icons created from HOL images, ready to be used on WHDload icons/drawers (example of icons shown below). Won’t be a complete collection as I tried to get people involved helping but no one was interested. Should cover most popular titles, as I’m making them for my HD game collection.
  • Mod pack. Small collection of classic mod music files, ready to be run in the Classicwb using deliplayer and eagleplayer.

If Rck can’t host all of these due to bandwidth, I have some spare space with my ISP. I could possible consolidate existing versions as well, having a “basic” common install pack used by most versions. This discussion is still a long way away as I’ll be completing this project in my (little) spare time once I return.

All the best EABers and I’ll type to you all in several months! :welcome

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