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There *should* be at least V2.3 beta 2 but I don´t know if it ever was made public

Here´s some text :

v2.3 Beta 2
- Fixed a bug in the '060 version that caused graphical garbage
in some games (Ashguine; MonMonMonster; Super Rambo).
- Improved render speed for screens 5 & 7 (cybergraphics) and
eliminated a large lookup table for those screens.
- Improved render speed for screens 5..8 (native) by 30..40%.
- Greatly improved the speed when running on the workbench.

v2.3 Beta 1
- Added Colecovision support.
- Fixed the autorun feature.
- fMSX once again supports two cartridges.
- Two more Z80 registers were registerized (HL and SP). In addition, the
Z80 engine will now perform 16-bit reads and writes when possible.
- The VRAM layout for 64K screens is now correct. This means the Feedback
intro looks correct now, and Breaker is playable.
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