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andyr, nice little setup.
I basically set it up because I wanted to see how Amiga programs and devices that I couldn't afford way back when actually ran.

It's blossomed into a workbench that uses RTG graphics, surfs the internet and plays mp3's. I've also had chance to play with software like Xi-Paint, Diamond Box (V.Good), MakeCD, Wordworth 7 etc...

Wordworth 7 is very impressive (and looks great) while MakeCD looks very capable.

Voyager runs well enough (I have an adsl connection) but falls down on quite a few sites...hasn't been updated in ages though so any suggestions for something more up-2-date?

Load's of Amiga tweaks in the mix as well plus the latest versions of faster, alternative libs and stuff from Aminet makes for a slick and surprisingly stable Amiga experience - even using JIT. I was using it the other day for a couple of hours without any problems.

I don't understand the elitist attitude of some people though. When running under emulation, my system feels like an Amiga, behaves like an Amiga, acts like an Amiga and looks like an Amiga.

For all intents and purposes, when emulating, it is an Amiga - just running on different hardware.
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