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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Both companies would have better luck liquidating everything they have and buying lottery tickets with the money.

Judging the way A1 was recieved here, EMU-uk, and amiga newsgroups I dont think they would sell more then a few thousand of the A1 at best over a period of a year which means OS4 developers as well as hardware developers will lose money and quit.
Well, judging the AmigaOne's sales potential by looking at retro-gaming sites might not be a fair approach (the one group that is certainly not targeted with the A1 is the retro bunch).

As I already said in the past: The A1 does not need to be immediately successful as a desktop computer - the real money is made elsewhere (embedded appliances, kiosk systems etc.). That's where the money will be made first and that's the reason why other (non-Amiga related) companies are already said to be funding the development of OS4. Hyperion and Eyetech are Amiga enthusiasts (Hyperion more then Eyetech I guess), but they are not a charity. They are involved with this to make money.

Let's judge the AmigaOne desktop platform in 3-4 years. It will need that time (IMHO) to grow into something you could call a "market" again. It will need that time to fill all the gaps in the range of available software (MS Office compatible word processor, up-to-date browser with shockwave plugin a decent database system etc.). Until then, we're just guessing - and I guess your guess is as much influenced by your feelings about the A1 than mine

What is happening right now (e.g. the amount of activity amongst software developers) makes me confident though.
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