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Well, they had a problem: Their solution is not "official". To many people "the name" is quite important, that's why they're still waiting for AmigaOS4. Genesi were unable to agree with Amiga Inc. about licensing conditions, so they had to follow their own way.

Genesi's only chance was to hit the market as soon as possible (i.e. both their hardware and the OS were not really "finished" or suitable for joe user when they got released 1.5 years ago) and be as cheap as possible (compared to the official solution) - as soon as OS4 will be available, Genesi chances to gain a significant market share are pretty much non-existant ("market" is not the right word, it's more about attracting enthusiastic developers, web site maintainers and people that do the "mouth to mouth propaganda thing" than selling computers to a few fanatics).

It worked somehow - everybody is complaining about the high price of the A1 ("it should be priced like the Pegasos"). But it wasn't enough to make more people abandon the official path.

Small correction: I'm not sure if the sold "less than 1000 machines", might be 1500 or sth. like that. Doesn't make much of a difference though.


Forgot to mention that Bill Buck (Genesi CEO) was (according to rumours) able to pump money into Genesi, because he had other companies generating a lot of revenue. But his cash cow "Pretory SA" - a french subsidiary of "Pretory USA" which is owned by Buck - recently got into massive legal and financial problems: the CEO of Pretory SA is charged by the french authorities, Pretory SA is bankrupt. There are rumours that Pretory SA's problems are the cause for Genesi's financial problems.

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