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What the heck will you do with the thing, that your PC, Mac, WinUAE, or the like can't?
It's not about doing things that other systems can't do. Some people prefer to use Macs for their daily computing experience, some people use Linux, some people Beos. They don't do any "magical" stuff with their machines that Windows can't handle - they just prefer to use a different tool for the job.

I use AmigaOS, because I'm controlling the OS - not the other way round. I prefer AmigaOS over other solutions, because I know it inside out. I prefer using AmigaOS software, because it's slim, comes with well documented message ports (I'm heavily using ARexx to automate processes) and because I can send a mail to the developer and I'm guaranteed to get a helpful and friendly response.

Apart from developing, I'm just browsing the net, write letters, listen to MP3s and play the occasional game. I could do that on any platform out there but my platform of choice is AmigaOS.


OS? What does the A1 OS have to do with the classic Amiga's OS? Don't get me wrong, that is a serious question. Severin?

AFAIK it was built from scratch (which is a very good thing) and so other than the Amiga name coming with it, as far as I can see, it has as much to do with the classic Amiga as MorphOS. Would that be correct? I guess both are "modelled" after it - or just insipred by it.
That's not entirely correct. (Big) parts of AmigaOS had to be rewritten, because they were written in Assembly - or bringing them up to today's standards would have been more work then recreating them from scratch (dos.library would be an example). Other parts were expanded and recompiled.

That's just the way a(ny) product evolves. It certainly has a lot more in common with earlier versions than just the name - but that's not important to me anyway.

I assumed Amiga Inc. were directing the effort. So is Amiga Inc. just a middle man? Hmmm....
Amiga Inc. own the trademarks and the intellectual property. They licensed that stuff to the guys doing the actual work (Eyetech and Hyperion). That's all.


That's exactly how I feel. It's only an Amiga in name. Otherwise it's just an overpriced PPC box. Maybe if OS4 is ever released it will change my mind. However, they really need to bring the cost down, and the specs up, or at least make it as cheap as the Pegasos.
The current price of the A1 matches the current costs. If Eyetech drop the price, they're going to loose money with it. They could do that, in the hope that sales might increase soon - but they're not willing to risk that. The A1 *will* get cheaper as soon as it will be produced in higher quantities. I'm confident this will happen this year.

Genesi (the makers of the "Pegasos") are following a different approach - they don't make money right now, and they're giving away free boards constantly to promote the platform and attract developers. According to their CEO, they would need to sell 25.000 boards per month to cover the costs of running the company. They sold less than 1000 boards in the last 12 months. Genesi have financial difficulties right now (they're not paying their employees for example).

Personally, I'm glad Eyetech follow a more conservative approach.

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