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I've finished Zanac too (the 2 last levels are daaammnn hard)
now, Kaleidoscope Special, I couldn't beat even CHEATING.


Akira said amost all, just missed the name of the ram cart. It isn't "Mega-rare", it's Megaram, although it's rather rare anyway :-)

Actually, there's little more envolved

Get a disk-drive and a FDD cart, and you can play any MSX 1 game up to 64 Kb of size.
As you probably know, most MSX games came in cartridges, and then were pirated to disk. In the beginning, all msx games had 64 Kb in max, so pirates dumped the ROM files of the cartridges to disks, added a small loader, and you could play them from disk.
Then came "Nemesis" and other games that had 128Kb (or more), and they can't be fit in the 64 KB ram of the standard MSX (Like yours).
To solve this problem, one guy here in Brazil, called Ademir Carchano ( ) made a cartridge called "Megaram" that was just a cart with 128 Kb of ram. So,brazilian pirates cracked the games to load the dumped ROM (saved in disk) into the RAM of the megaram.
A few months later, Europeans did something like that, called "Memory Mapper". The European mapper has the advantage of be internal, so you won't wast a cartridge slot. Games cracked for use with Memory Mapper WON'T WORK with Megaram, and the oppose is also true

Nowadays, you can load .ROMs files in real MSX. You copy the file into any floppy disk (MSX and PC disks are compatible), and you can use 2 programs:

Execrom - Brazilian program, it loads .ROMS files up to 64 Kb in a standard MSX, for rom files bigger than that, you'll need a Megaram

Loadrom - European program., it loads .ROMS files up to 64 Kb in a standard MSX, for rom files bigger, you'll need a Memory Mapper

I really have no idea where you could find a Memory Mapper or a Megaram nowadays. I believe Ademir Carchano still develops those Megaram carts, and MAYBE sunrise still sells Memory Mappers (Although I am not sure). I also don't have the url for Sunrise now, I'll may ask someone later. But if you do a quick serach in search engines, you'll probably find..

Sorry about the long post, hope I've cleared everything
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