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Originally posted by fiath
But I meant the whole thing. As above. What does the OS have to do with the classic Amiga? I'd like to know. All I can see so far is a company buying the Amiga name and making a computer (okay, it seems actually not) using the same philosophy, look & feel etc. Is it any more than that?

Don't get me wrong, that's fine. It caters for all though people that don't want Windows/MacOS/Linux but something they are used to. Its just for me, I don't see anything Amiga about the new Amiga. It is a machine in its own right that happens to share the name.
That's exactly how I feel. It's only an Amiga in name. Otherwise it's just an overpriced PPC box. Maybe if OS4 is ever released it will change my mind. However, they really need to bring the cost down, and the specs up, or at least make it as cheap as the Pegasos.
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