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Originally posted by adolescent
Why bother? If all you want to do is use cheap PC hardware and play emulated games, then by all means just get a PC. The main problem I see with the A1 is that it's not cost effective for what it can currently do. For the $1000 I could get an x86 that would run circles around the A1, run a better version of Linux, and have much more hardware and software support. Sorry to say but the recent pics of AOS4 running Quake aren't exactly awe inspiring.
You can get a high end x86-64 system for that now, which just puts it down even further.

faith: How is the A1 really an upgrade route for him, when none of his current Amiga software will run on it? That only makes the Amiga as viable as buying a PC or Mac, as there is nothing transfered other than the name.
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