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Originally posted by Severin
Amiga Inc. have very little to do with the A1, Eyetech Designed it, had it built, they have a licence from Amiga Inc. to use the name, Hyperion are writing OS4 and again have a licence too.
I assumed Amiga Inc. were directing the effort. So is Amiga Inc. just a middle man? Hmmm....


To me the 'Amiga' is the OS, not the 'chip set' that most peeps whinge on about as being amiga

Eh? I know that wasn't *directly* aimed at me, but did I say anything about the chipset? Why would anybody want that in a modern computer??

But I meant the whole thing. As above. What does the OS have to do with the classic Amiga? I'd like to know. All I can see so far is a company buying the Amiga name and making a computer (okay, it seems actually not) using the same philosophy, look & feel etc. Is it any more than that?

Don't get me wrong, that's fine. It caters for all though people that don't want Windows/MacOS/Linux but something they are used to. Its just for me, I don't see anything Amiga about the new Amiga. It is a machine in its own right that happens to share the name.


All they seem to whinge about is that it won't play 10+ year old games (which it will with cloanto doing a uae version for OS4). Try playing 10 year old PC games on XP...
That is bizarre. Perhaps they want to pay $2000 instead, which is would probably cost to reverse-engineer the OCS/AGA chipset (since I heard the original VLSI blueprints were lost) and refab them using FPGA.
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