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Originally posted by SilentBob
Well, I might or might not an AOne. And yes, I am aware that the A1 hasn't really got much to do with the old skool Amigas apart from mainly the name and the OS... So what I really want to do is upgrade my old Amigas (1200 w/030-50 & 4000 w/040-25) with faster CPUs. Go 060 for both of 'em. Oh yes, and a graphics card is a must have ofcourse.
OS? What does the A1 OS have to do with the classic Amiga's OS? Don't get me wrong, that is a serious question. Severin?

AFAIK it was built from scratch (which is a very good thing) and so other than the Amiga name coming with it, as far as I can see, it has as much to do with the classic Amiga as MorphOS. Would that be correct? I guess both are "modelled" after it - or just insipred by it.

Ultimately, if you use an Amiga now, and want to upgrade it. *Then* I can see a reason to get an A1. I have a good friend who is the same. His (pretty impressive!) Amiga is his sole computer, and so therefore an A1 is a viable upgrade route for him - just as long as he can dual-boot with Linux for the things he can't use the A1 for...

I was just a little surprised because I thought it was "just" to support the community. Which makes no sense to me. I'm glad that isn't the case!
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