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Originally posted by Severin
After all, who here who upgraded their old amiga's hasn't wished they could go and get a cheap bit of pc hardware instead of bloody expensive Zorro stuff or pay 150 quid for a few pci slots for their 1200?

All they seem to whinge about is that it won't play 10+ year old games (which it will with cloanto doing a uae version for OS4). Try playing 10 year old PC games on XP...
Why bother? If all you want to do is use cheap PC hardware and play emulated games, then by all means just get a PC. The main problem I see with the A1 is that it's not cost effective for what it can currently do. For the $1000 I could get an x86 that would run circles around the A1, run a better version of Linux, and have much more hardware and software support. Sorry to say but the recent pics of AOS4 running Quake aren't exactly awe inspiring.
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