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All they seem to whinge about is that it won't play 10+ year old games (which it will with cloanto doing a uae version for OS4). Try playing 10 year old PC games on XP... [/B]
I'm sure there is a group who has alot of expensive PPC/060/video toaster hardware they cant transfer to the A1. So if your basically starting over UAE might be good enough on a MAC or PC, hard to justify the A1 hardware.

The gamers will end up just using 68k hardware or UAE, dont think the A1 was ever really targeted to them anyway.

We can assume all we want, we will know whats going to happen a year after the A1 hardware and OS4 are widely available. The initial bugs should be worked out and sales records will show if it flops or not by then.

Be nice to compare it to the CommodoreOne that should be available sooner or later. Hardware compatible (well kinda chip emulated) to the old C64 with modern addons.
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