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Amiga Piles

Owning an Amiga?

Er...I have a few: and mostly use my A1200 170MB HD (Small by PC standards but useful for an Amiga) Used for Octamed, Worms & Games now.

But I've also got my original A500 & second disk drive, which needs a new video adaptor port. Another working A500, an A600, two more A1200's (one with a broken disk drive & no mouse port & a half gig drive, the other with a half gig drive too: but with a tendency to crash: it's one of the later models when quality really seem to have dropped off...)

But of most amusment to all of you may be that I've wacked a CD32 in as a temporary CD player to my old Sony Amp... But it's been there for a year now!

You should see people try to grasp the controller after years of playstation - for starters it works the other way up!

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