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Bought the mag myself today - have noticed a few minor errors and content is a bit lacking but all in all, it's not a bad magazine - hopefully they will expand on features and make them more indepth for the next issue.

I like the retro look and love the look of the front cover (looking like it's a lot older than it actually is) and I did learn the existence of a couple of emulators I didn't know about.

I'd love to see more of the ads as well - it just shows how much advertising the brain takes in because I remembered a couple of them even though I hadn't seen them in (probably) 20 years - I was 7 in the featured year of 1983!

Don't agree with any of the entries on the Amstrad CPC top 10 but here are the top 10 Amiga games they list

Robin Hood
North & South
Stunt Car Racer
Alien Breed
Cannon fodder
Speedball 2
Monkey Island 2
Sensible world of soccer

There's a few in there that wouldn't appear in my Top 10!

I'd also like to see in the mag...

Top 10 charts for x month in x year.
Some PC retro stuff.
Some cheats for ye olde games.
Interviews with programmers.
Retro letters page.
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