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Originally posted by fiath
That is an odd reason!

No disrespect intended to Amiga Inc. (who may or may not be doing a good job - I don't follow recent developments) but it is really only an Amiga in name (to me at least, perhaps philosophy too, but as I said, I don't follow it).

Its not like you would be supporting the original people involved.
I think he meant he is supporting the hobby. While all the amiga equipment, addons, and boxed games I purchased in the last 2 years doesnt support amiga inc directly, it does keep the amiga community alive with a cash infusion so what other companies can come in and milk some more money out of the faithfull. If nobody wanted to buy old equipment anymore every amiga related buisiness would close up shop overnight and that would be the end of it.

The difference between me (the old school gamer) and somebody purchasing the A1 (just to support the amiga) is that I dont really care if the NEW amiga computer market is viable or not (great percentage of users are like this) and wont spend money on new equipment I wont/cant use.
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