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Originally posted by SilentBob
Well, I keep toying with the idea of getting an A1. But I'm still not sure. Don't know what I would use it for. Maybe the same as what I'm using my PCs for, minus the gaming... Because I doubt we'll be seeing things like HL2 for OS4 anytime soon. I haven't really been productive with my PCs in the past years (unlike I was with my Amiga in the good old days). Just gaming and watching movies/tv series. But I'll probably get one, even if it is just to support sales of the thing.
That's exactly my point.
What the heck will you do with the thing, that your PC, Mac, WinUAE, or the like can't?
Sure there are a few apps written for OS 3.9 & 4 that professionals like a few of our board members here will use. That's absolutely wonderful.
But for anyone else, it's worthless.
It is.
Then we have left is the Mega-geeks and the fanatics buying them.
Your idea to buy it to support sales is absolutely ridiculous.
Save your money man..get real.
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