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It looks pretty, but then we all know the famous bill gates (of hell) quote "If you can't make it good, make it look good". [/B]
When did gates say that? I never heard of it.

Anyway screenshots for an OS or a Game dont mean anything to me (the pic does look nice for an OSX rippoff). An os is only usefull for managing your desktop, letting you easily get to your files and run your apps all without crashing the system while your doing it.

Macos 7-8-9, Windows 3.x/95, DOS 1-6.22, are not as stable or allow multitasking (some not at all) like my windows 2000 machine. But I still use all those OS because its the only way to get the apps /games I like running on the hardware that was available at the time. You noticed I didnt include LINUX in there, thats because I havnt found an application I use that needed linux to run (no matter how stable linux is if you have nothing that runs on it its worthless on a desktop).

Amiga OS 1.3 reminded me of windows 3.1 somewhat. I have 2.0 with manual but no machine to run it on. version 3.0 runs very stable on my a1200 and is easy to use once you play around with it (I need to get the manuals one of these days). But to be honest besides installing new hardware/drivers and ocasional disk utilities I barely ever used the OS for anything deep, its just there so I can load and run my games. And this is from a person who used to write DOS batch files and hack around in windows registries back in the late 80's to early 90's. Today you can do whatever you need on a machine without scratching the surface of what the OS can do.

All this brings me to say that while the screenshots look nice, somebody better make sure there is compelling software to run on it or you might just as well make a poster size print of the desktop doing nothing and get back to your windows, linux, osx, macos 9, dos machine to get your computing done.
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