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Originally posted by Frederic
I agree. You are reasonable. I would like to do more research on Pegasos. What exactly is it? What does it have to do with MorphOS?
Is that the OS that tries to copy OS X's look?
MorphOS actually tries to copy AmigaOS 3.9, it is supposed to run classic amiga software, though I've never seen one, it will not and never will legally run OS4 or OS4 apps. according to rumours there are 600 to 700 Pegasos boards that have been 'sold' (although a lot of those were given away to get people developing for MorphOS). The Pegasos II was annouced as ready for sale a while ago, but I've not heard of anyone who's actually got one yet.

At a rough (though slightly informed) guess around 2200 to 2500 A1's have been sold...

Take your pick of machine, but be careful if you go for a Peg, atm it would be best to go and hand over the cash only when the hardware is in your sticky mitts...

check out for A1 type stuff, and for Peg stuff, DON'T goto, it's hostile territory, there's major flame wars and bullshitting going on there...
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