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Originally posted by Frederic
Nothing to do with he OS.
It's the support.
3rd party support is pitiful. I want superb, professional, top quality 3rd party and in house programs if I'm gonna spend a grand on a computer. Star fucking Office ain't cutting it. It does not inspire confidence.
There's only a few killer OS 4 apps in the works.
Energy and top angineers are geared towrds business that's viable , meaning Windows/Mac/Linux platforms.
But the suckers and fanatics will keep living in dream land and shell out big bucks an the junk.
Valid points, but not applicable to me at least. I have no reason to use an office package whatsoever so, well, I don't!

I'm more interested in programming for the machine and to help create a community, but to do that, I need all the little apps that I get used to in Windoze life. You know, IRC client, messenger program, that sort of thing...

You can do far more on your Mac/PC/Linux box than any Amiga OS box. ther's just more and better choices on these platforms, generally and specifically speaking.
Yes, but as I constantly find out, that those things which constitute 'far more' are useless to me anyway.

Essentially, I use my machine for web browsing, mail, IRC, instant messaging, playing games and coding.

As far as I'm aware I can do all of these on an AmigaOne. Since I haven't found a single game on the PC that's interested me in the last four or five years, then playing PD and old games (which I do now) will satisfy me. What's wrong with porting Quake a million times over? I love that game, and for me, porting it over is like having in new again. I don't think that makes me a zealot, possibly because I'm not one.

I haven't coded games for years, since the modern audience are only interested in your game if it beats last years games by six million megapixels or whatever crap constitutes 'a good game' these days. The (free) audience isn't there for me in the Winblows market-- I like programming the sort of games that I like. Thankfully the sort of games that I like don't constitute having a twenty-fold team of programmers and artists in order to get the job done. I see the possibility of the AmigaOne to be a vehicle for what I want to do. The type of people that use it are the type of people i'd like to code for, and vice versa.

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