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ok, there's lots happening that would make you lot happier, but I can't tell you about it

But I can tell you some stuff: Cloanto are doing an os4 version of amiga forever for you die hard gamers as well as a free version of ppaint 7.1 for os4.

I was talking to Fleecy a about a week ago and he said the pre-release OS4 CD has been made and is being tested now

Don't go out and by a CS PPC just yet.

email me if you have any specific question you want answered

star/Open Office isn't on OS4, but that doesn't stop you using the Linux version on a dual boot system...

Funny how when certain people get involved a thread about whether or not to buy an A1/OS4 it turns into a rant about how crap a piece of software is that doesn't even run on OS4...
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