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Originally posted by Akira
Well, in my PC, I have been using it for more than two years now, without problems. It inspires much more confidence than using Microsoft spy/spam/virus/shitware.
I'm speaking from experience, too, and I find that Star Office stinks. if you rememeber, I ran a busy medical office in Manhattan for 3 years ontil we closed in March due to massive intenal "ego" problems amoung the docs.
When Windows 97 was not going to cut it (we used very hi tech imaging systems requiring things and processes MS office 97 could not handle), one doc suggested saving a few thousand bucks and going for Star office.
It stunk. Even for lesser tasks, such as formatting transcription reports and the like. It sucked.
We purchased Office XP, for both the PC and Mac, and it is one of the best programs I have ever used. And I HATE M$.
Anyway, what I say above is irrelevant.
When no major software house will port or publish to a OS...that indicates to me, in a serious tone, that it is not taken seriously, and will not inspire confidence.
Amiga One can't play the onderful games of old, as far as I know.
it's fans jump around because some cruddy 5 year old PeeCee/Mac game will be ported to it.
It may have a few superb imaging/audio mixing and Toast whatever programs being written for it, and thats cool. Buy an Amiga One for that.
But for the rest who buy seems to me a pitiful desperate grasp at the bygone days.
And that's the truth.
Like I say, fanatics SUCK.
Zealots SUCK.
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