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I could only get Star Office working for regular "plain jane" documents. Once something fancy was included, like pictures, tables, etc., I had to goto M$ office to get it working.

However, when I think of the AmigaOne, I don't see it as a replacement system. I see it as a machine that compliments personality. Right now, the only thing the AmigaOne has going for it is OS4, which will hopefully live up to the hype. What I'm worried about is that OS4 will not have a free developement package. Without one, I don't see OS4 going very far. For example, BeOS was an excellent OS, yet (when I used it anyways) every single piece of software was some form of crippleware. It was distressing to download 20 programs and find that 85% of the authors wanted $20 or more for you to use their program which was free on every other OS. Now look at it. BeOS is practically dead (I know it's not really dead, but it's not what it used to be). Nobody is going to pay for software for a brand new OS.
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