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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Not me,

I like the old games on original hardware so that kills amigaone and OS4 for me.
You can do far more on your Mac/PC/Linux box than any Amiga OS box. ther's just more and better choices on these platforms, generally and specifically speaking.
Nothing to do with he OS.
It's the support.
3rd party support is pitiful. I want superb, professional, top quality 3rd party and in house programs if I'm gonna spend a grand on a computer. Star fucking Office ain't cutting it. It does not inspire confidence.
There's only a few killer OS 4 apps in the works.
Energy and top angineers are geared towrds business that's viable , meaning Windows/Mac/Linux platforms.
But the suckers and fanatics will keep living in dream land and shell out big bucks an the junk.
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