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Originally posted by Marlon I've just read it again and really don't understand how someone can say that the standard of writing is bad; to my mind, it's no better or worse than many games mags. The features on Mastertronic and the spectrum I particularly enjoyed. Such comments were made towards Edge Retro too, it's all down to personal taste I guess.

Most mags with covermount DVDs cost at least five quid, so six isn't THAT much...
It is a fairly enjoyable read, certainly, which is something that I didn't mention in my first post. However, the writing is unequivocably bad. It is more akin to an overenthusiastic GCSE essay than a professional magazine. You're right to say that it is "no better or worse than many games mags"; perhaps that is precisely the reason why I don't buy many games mags.

If you divide the gaming mag market up into two, with intelligent mags on one side (Amiga Power, Edge, Games (TM)) and populist trash on the other (Mean Machines, Amiga Action, Sinclair User), the new mag definitely falls within the latter category.

It all comes down to personal taste in the end (do you like big pictures and no words? Buy Mean Machines. Do you like entertaining prose? Buy Amiga Power), I suppose, but I don't think I can justify buying it regularly.

As for the covermount DVD - it isn't. It's a CD in a DVD case. The presence of the compact disc logo on the CD suggested this; a quick test in my CD-only drive confirmed it.

Anyway, despite my negative views, I heartily recommend that everyone buys this first issue and lets the editor know what he can do to improve it. Maybe the next issue will be better.
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