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I first had an A500, then I bought myself an A1200, later on upgraded with a .5Gig HD and a Blizzard 030/50 and 8M Fast.

The A500? Well, I used it for gaming, natch.

The A1200? Err, well, also for gaming. Later on, when I got access to the internet through university (I'm talking early '90s here, I guess '92), I quickly learned about transferring files from PC formatted disks and through that:
*IRC DCC'ing (at the ole #amigawarez)
* AmigaE (there still are some in-utilities floating around Aminet)
* making keygenerators with AmigaE, thanks to some Brit called Ruskie. I used the handle Kn0b at the time (and yes, I know what it means )
* The Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame (thanks to the great Oliver whatever & his F1GP Ed - the first shareware tool I registered)
* ...

sniff. Where are the times (must be one of the must heard of phrases on this board

mod: The A1200 still works fine.
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