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Rome wasn't built in a day either eh

I'm taking my time for it since I don't have much time to script everything, hence the upload feature all opened up.

The site won't be logged by bots so the traffic should stay low for the moment, probably only Abime visitors for now...

As I said, the next thing I'm going to work on are all the other forms, and build a user section since the upload feature which is now open will be moderated soon, to keep the crap out of the way so to speak

An image section is already planned. I have the tables already worked out in the database, but they're not yet active. I plan on using the gd_library to resize pictures and store them as PNG to keep things tidy and such. I have such routines already in my lib, but thanks anyway!

As for the website. I know the location is a bit odd, but the domain is mine, and the server is from my work. I can use up quite an amount of diskspace so hopefully (if all the publishers I've written agree) it will last for quite some time.

As for your sceptism, I can understand it completely. Most forums are crammed to the roof with all kinds of initiatives to start up, but most of them never make it beyond that state of an idea so to speak...

I'm off for a good night sleep now and hopefully I can spend more time on the site tomorrow.

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