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Arrow DMS is buggy - avoid!

Do NOT use DMS! It is a buggy piece of crap. About 1% of the time it creates DMS files that it thinks are OK but which you can never unpack correctly.

It sounds like some of the disks you are trying to use are faulty or have copy protection on them. All cracked games should read fine with a standard AmigaDos reading utility (Tracktool, TransADF, ADF-Blitzer, DiskWiz, DIC, Disk2File). If they don't, they have disk errors or copy protection.

TransADF isn't a bad program as it can create ADZ/ZIP archives on the fly meaning less to transfer. If you have lots of memory or a hard drive it's best just to make ADF's and LHA/LZX them - they will give better compression than anything.

Edit: Probably the safest program to use is DIC by Bert Jahn, available in the WHDLoad package. It will report any errors with any headers on all tracks. Some programs like DiskWiz (by me) ignore certain errors so they can read data from a slightly dodgy disk (and some protected games like Plutos, World Games etc) but if you want 100% copies of the disks I would get DIC.

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