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Toni Wilen
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Beta 5:

- Don't map invalid Blizzard 2060 maprom space and crash if board has no RAM installed.
- Added support for new cooked adf variant that can store sector headers: sector header data is appended at the end of normal ADF. Only enabled if ADF file size is exactly (80 to 82) * (512 + 16) * (11 or 22) * 2. Practically useless because almost no program uses sector headers and extended adf can already store them (but only in raw mfm form). GUI create disk image creator won't support it.
- Lagless vsync stability improvements. Current raster line polling removed, replaced with scanline calculation using last vsync time and total scanlines. Raster line polling causes huge GPU driver stalls.
- IVS Trumpcard *.driver to boot ROM automatic conversion didn't support older single hunk driver file versions.
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