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Now got GSX750F :))
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slight misunderstanding, I meant that I'd extract the disks, then convert to adf, then either zip or lha....

And I found the rest of the disks, looks to be ~120 in total, maybe more.

And in responce to dizzy, (cover CD's); sorry, I don't have a gigabit link.... on the otherhand we could always use P2P or bit torrent.... or send me a blank CD and prepaid envelope.... might do a list of those as well - I think I could even load a searchable index of the Amiga Format CD's to the zone, if anyone wants it, coz there was one on the CD's... got about 50 or 60 CD's in total, including some real early PD stuff, (Fred fish etc), and there's a couple of one's aimed at PC's that have useful collections of fonts/clipart. Let me know if you're interested.
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