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My memories are a tad hazy regarding the 1001 stories that the Amiga mags published after CBM's initial collapse & eventual buyout by Escom, before it's 2nd falling.

I agree with From Within's postings about Commodore U.K., indeed I recall that David Pleasance,(U.K. M.D. at the time led an initial attempt at an internal management buyout of the parent company, but failed around the time I think that set-top box company Viscorp started making noises about buying the Amiga technology.). And CBM U.K. were quite forthright in the press about their plans to get production restarted asap alongside R&D for the newer machines commenced. This suggests that CBM U.K. had to have been in a healthy state to have even contemplated such moves.

After the initial stories surfaced about Escom being the successful bidder for the Amiga technology after a god-awful drawn out receivership process, I do recall stories mentioning that some of the Escom execs formerly belonged to CBM Germany management, hence their interest in acquiring the CBM name.
It was from there that Escom elected to split the "Commodore" branding choosing to keep the old Commodore badging strictly for their own PC machines,(With Commodore's signifigant, though failed ventures into PC sales), & instead create an Amiga division as its own separate identitiy & company.

But as FromWithin's postings more accurately indicate, it was certainly the parent U.S./Bahamian,(remember, they shifted their H.Q. to the Bahamas in later years), branch's upper management which was responsible for CBM's demise. Disasterous venture's into the PC sales ring at the time of the great PC market crash of the early 90's, repeated refusals to invest enough in decent R&D despite David Haynie's & co.'s best efforts, diabolical marketing & management by Irving Gould, Medhi Ali & co. sealed their fate.

I seem to recall Twistin Ghost's tales of woe regarding certaining CBM "men-in-suits", at various shows showing their ineptness at their worst.

That Atari poster asking about Dungeon Master 2 etc., obviously didn't seem to be around at he time of the Falcon's launch-it's little wonder several titles missed the Falcon,blink & you would've missed it's release!
According to an atari mate of mine,(who was one of the few to ever own the machine in Oz), Atari did everything possible to annoy the Bitmap Bros & insure that any plans for a Falcon port of The Chaos Engine were well & truly dashed!
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