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You too, Ian?
Saint is a superb Atari St emulator, buggy ad not polished, sorta beta-ish, but it has nice gui, ease of use and compatability. Winston is still my fave PC emu, while Nostalgia is the best Mac emu, or any emu..very well done indeed!

Back on track. Life has been getting back on track here in New York City, actually..but.....*sighh*
Anyway, I have had my WinUAE wish list very much whittled down (I never wanted much tho..) to better OCS and more compatabilty. The compatability of 8.17 r1 is better than the 8.14's or the horrible 8.16's, which were all betas IMO, what with the damned JIT thing
but most of all, the saved state is HERE!!!!! Yes!!
Saving in the middle of a race, or a tough spot in Gods, in the middle of half time in Kickoff AGA..all work, WinUAE team!

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