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Uploaded now.

The archive contains the game, data files etc. exactly as before, but just to remind you - don't try scenarios 4 or 6 - they don't work.

Also included is a dir called 'Extrabits' - this contains two bb2 sources - one to create map tile shapes from a bitmap, and another to create map data to go with the map. It also contains the bitmap used to create the tiles for Scenario 5, to give you an idea of how it works. Note that closed/opened doors need to be those particular tiles in those places on the bitmap.

I hope you are not put off by the size of the task - it can take a good few days to do it! If you just want to create a map and/or new baddies - I can do the rest as far as the data is concerned, and the implementation into the game.

Best of Luck!
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