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Yeah! Post it on your site - I'm flattered!

You only need BB2 to make the shape files up - I'll stick the BB code in the zone - you just need to run it from there. Its easier to create the data file from there as well.

I'll also throw together what I'm working on at the moment - but it will be dead buggy, as I've been messing with the computer AI - so not for general release - and it includes the team editor and Scenario 5 - 'Suburban Chaos' as shown above (selecting Scenario's 4 or 6 will make it crash - as these are nowhere near ready) with the new weapons etc. It contains the same sorts of baddies as the 'Ship of Doom' Scenario - but I'm making new ones for the other two.

Give me an hour or so to put it together - and let me know what you think!

PS I've e-mailed the map editor to you. I don't know the distribution rules for it.

If anyone else would like to design a map - let me know! The more the merrier!

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