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Toni Wilen
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Beta 4:

- AGA border sprites enabled: sprite was still clipped to horizontal display window end. (b3)
- Fastlane SCSI DMA controller address configuration emulation was incomplete. (Address bus is used for bits 0 to 23, upper 8 data bits for 24 to 31)
- A2024 monitor didn't show full viewable area. (4.0) It still won't work correctly if multimonitor mode is enabled. A2024 is a special case, it is basically display port adapter but it is not hardwired to chipset timing/display size/position like all other display port adapters.
- Remaining (?) GUI update glitch fixed. (b2)
- Added Trojan light gun preset to Game ports panel. Trojan fire button is joystick left. Standard light pen/gun fire button is 3rd mouse/joystick button.
- PPC board without ROM or zero size ROM and 68060 CPU with FPU: Generated fake boot ROM didn't include FPU disable boot code. Since 4.1.0 68060 FPU is not disabled when emulated accelerator board is configured.
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